Bamboo furniture features

Compared with wood furniture, since bamboo has a strong physical and mechanical properties. therefore under the same bearing strength,new Bamboo Glulam furniture components meet strength requirements in smaller sizes. in the overall shape of the furniture looks more lightweight. it can better reflect the rigidity of bamboo and the strength of the aesthetics.

New style bamboo furniture Pay attention to the simple shape and smooth lines. it can be achieved modular combination of furniture, extension. the overall design of furniture advocating natural, simple, environmentally friendly characteristics. Pursue the diversification of furniture functions, to the maximum extent to meet the comfort needs of people.

New style bamboo furniture, breaking the traditional process and achieve industrial production. since bamboo furniture material is more uniform, easy processing, when using a power tool like a saw, the saw can move smoothly, less tool wear. So use bamboo Glulam development of removable furniture. not only in the design, production, storage, transportation, sales and installation have many advantages,but also from the ecological design point of view, it also has a great significance to environmental protection.

Bamboo material is environmental protection, with “green products” features. bamboo furniture production mainly uses low free formaldehyde content of UF resin glue or non-toxic specialty glue. Compare with the traditional wood panel, bamboo panel production of are pay more attention to environmental protection.

Bamboo material is an excellent natural growth of plants, that is a completely green material.

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