1, Winter warm and summer cool. Because the bamboo natural feature, the hygroscopicity and Endothermic can higher other wood, so in the hot summer, sit on the bamboo furniture, cool and sweat absorption. In the winter will have the warm feel.  The second, its benefit for environment. The bamboo need 3 or 4 years will  grow the material. Meanwhile if you cut also can regeneration. As for environment deterioration and natural forest stock is very low china, its replace material. The third, Back the natural, keep the bamboo natural texture,  its make the people feel simple and classical.  Green and Eco-friendly, the material from natural.

2,High temperature cooking, and Three defenses: Thorough sterilization by high temperature cooking, its different with traditional bamboo plywood Crafts, Fundamentally prevent insect and mold. High press and moisture strict control. Meanwhile Bamboo pieces criss-crossing and other scientific crafts to ensure bamboo furniture prevent cracking and deformation technology more than solid wood. Fresh, beautiful noble and elegant

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