Bamboo furniture plywood has become a famous brand in the international bamboo industry,excellent product quality, superior performance, wide range of uses , Loved by users.

Bamboo furniture plywood, non-woody wood, enough to win wood, bamboo has a straight texture, light color, toughness and other advantages similar to hardwood, It is an ideal material for producing all kinds of furniture, flooring, wall panels and various components.

Comparison of bamboo furniture and wooden furniture:

Comparison of bamboo and wood; Bamboo splicing using adhesive, applying high temperature and pressure, Non-toxic, firm and stable, not open, no deformation,

After the removal of sugar, fat, starch, protein and other special harmless treatment of bamboo, With super strong anti-moth function, effective flame retardant, wear-resisting, mildew resistance, Bamboo is an advanced decorative material for residences, hotels, office buildings, etc. however, wood is a material that is formed after drying and processing natural wood. showing the natural wood grain pattern and color. gives a natural, soft, rich texture.

Comparison of Bamboo and Wood Processes: After bamboo cutting, bonding and other process processing and scientific arrangement,to balance the internal and external forces well, Not easily deformed and cracked.  but wooden furniture is easy to deform, not easy to crack. but wooden furniture is easy to deform, not easy to crack.

Environmental protection Comparison: Bamboo growth cycle is short (4-6 years can be used), easy to plant, renewable green resources. The wood growth cycle is long (20 years or even more than 50 years) and it is a non-renewable resource, excessive logging will cause serious damage to the Earth’s environment. in addition, bamboo deep processing products are natural materials products. will not cause pollution to the indoor environment. So bamboo furniture is more environmentally friendly than wood furniture。


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