More and more family like to choose the bamboo material as flooring. So what is bamboo flooring advantages?

Winter warm and Summer Cool: The bamboo flooring advantage is Winter warm and Summer Cool. Because the bamboo flooring Low thermal conductivity. Its very suit install in living room,bed room, book room and other rooms.

Long use: The bamboo flooring use can reach 20 years. And use correctly and maintenance is key of long use. In use, the important things is that keep dry. Though Because bamboo flooring is dried, but bamboo is a natural material, so it will change as the climate changes.

Beautiful surface: bamboo flooring have natural color, solid, Moisture-proof, non-moldy.

Heath Function, bamboo flooring have the function of prevention Various disease. And also protect eye health. Bamboo flooring can effectively absorb indoor UV light, can reduce the Myopia occurs, meanwhile the bamboo flooring also can reduce the tired.



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