Bamboo cutting boards protect need to note the following points.

1、Before used the new bamboo tray, need get into salt water, wait some days, its can maintain bamboo cutting boards moist is not dry, not cracked and durable.

2、when use cutting boards, do not use one side , need to use around the rotation, keep the wear and tear balance. Do not let it show up uneven better.

3, when finished use cutting boards, you can use water to wash, then use rough salt and ravioli to wash, last use hot water to wash again. Its very useful to  sterilization. put the cutting boards to ventilation, ready to reuse again.

At the same time pay attention, do not put in direct sun light, and it protect  too dry and cracked, whatever you how to protect, do not use long time in period at every process. And in usually you also keep cutting board clean.

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