With the development of society and improve of technology, the people received radiation more and more. And bamboo furniture also can absorb UV, antistatic, radiation protection, use a set of bamboo table and chairs, more Benefit your health. At present, the bamboo countertop more and more popular today.

Bamboo Countertop Good Point:

1,Bamboo countertop No chemical pollution, 100% Eco-friendly countertop, Strong heat absorption, also keep the bamboo natural color. And bamboo countertop keep bamboo texture, and bamboo countertop glue E1 is not damage for people.

2, Bamboo have special natural texture,  clear and see, always give people a rustic and elegant fresh, have beautiful surface.

3, The bamboo counterop use natural bamboo and its also renewable resources and the short of time to became the bamboo plywood, use bamboo to make countertop is natural and Eco-friendly.

4, Bamboo countertop also have UV absorption, let eyes more comfortable and Prevention of myopia.

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