Before the ShangZhou dynasties, the bamboo drilling have appeared.the oldest natural water pipes are made of bamboo, and Chinese people have been used the Chopsticks and ate Bamboo shoots about 2500 years ago.

2200years ago, the a great water conservancy project in history of DuJiangYan is also made of bamboo ,that is Bamboo for farmland water conservancy construction model.

Han Dynasty, some people use bamboo made build Emperor Wu Quan Palace for Han Emperor Wu, the appearance is so Han Dynasty, people use bamboo string to dig the deep about 1680 meters well. In 1859, the America people use this way to dig the first oil well in Pennsylvania.

The scientist’s study of bamboo mechanical test show that the bamboo shrinkage is small and very flexible and tough, The parallel grain compressive strength 800kg/cm2,the parallel grain tensile strength 1800kg/m2, Among them, the parallel grain tensile strength of bamboo reaches 2833 kg /cm2, have the reputation of “plant steel”.

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