China is rich in bamboo resources, bamboo has a long history . Bamboo area,Bamboo species and the level of economic utilization ranked first in the world . Known as “the kingdom of bamboo. there are about 100 genera and 1200 species of bamboo in the world and 39 genus and about 500 species in our country. Which has a high economic and ecological value has been cultivated and more than 16 genera 200 species have been used. Bamboo is a natural fast-growing material,

Similar texture with hardwood, and our country is rich in bamboo resources, rational development and utilization of bamboo building materials can ease the contradiction between supply and demand of timber,it has a very important economic, social and environmental benefits.

Bamboo building materials characteristics:Bamboo as a modern building material has been attached by more and more people. The unique bamboo resources in our country have laid a solid material foundation for the development of the bamboo industry. Bamboo in the construction industry has the following advantages :

  1. Compared with other non-renewable mineral resources such as stone, brick, concrete, steel and other building materials, bamboo is an excellent renewable resource, general bamboo need 3 ~ 5a to become a timber, as long as reasonable mining, planting, sustainable use,with the development of bamboo processing industry, many fast-growing timber can also be used in building structures, greatly reducing the cycle of reproduction.
  2. Bamboo as a building material,the energy consumption and pollution of construction process is much less than the construction of brick, stone and concrete buildings, it is a good green material.
  3. The bamboo’s toughness is good, and the weight of bamboo house is light, seismic shock absorption when the earthquake is relatively small. Even if the overall structure is deformed during a strong earthquake, it will not fall apart or collapse.
  4. Bamboo thermal conductivity is small,General thermal conductivity of bamboo is 0.30W / m • k or so, having good thermal insulation properties.
  5. Compared with traditional structural materials, bamboo wood-based panel structural materials have the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, high rigidity, small deformation, stable size and excellent performance, its characteristics, structure, environmental benefits and the use of residential buildings in the function, design, construction, comprehensive economic has advantages.

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