The bamboo body is all treasure, the known as “Green Gold, Plant King”in Southeast Asia,bamboo juice have Prominent health benefits is considered “God water”in East.

In Compendium of Materia Medica detail recorded:bamboo“Cool heart,good at health, heat spleen, nourishing refreshing”have amazing therapeutic health effects.bamboo have edible, feeding, tonic, diet, food treatment effect.and this “Edible homologous” health concept have popular in all the world.

Bamboo wine (original wine), the another name is fresh bamboo is use High-pressure minimally technology make base wine into Bamboo cavity and the wine in this bamboo cavity second fermentation to freed formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.when the wine color into amber,taste soft and Bamboo flavor,natural pure.In long history,write bamboo legend.According the legend,the queen mother’s niece girl–green bamboo angle,she envy the beauty of the world, mortal world

Envy the beauty of the world, mortal world,childbearing the earth have come out bamboo.

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