Bamboo veneer’s advantage that main Compared with other wood veneer, the special of bamboo veneer is high quality, beautiful and have various item. Its make people feel elegant, Eco-friendly, near close natural. Here are some advantages as below:

1, Use widely

In general, use bamboo veneer to cover some other plywood and other wood. And all furniture surface can reach the same effect as 100% solid wood. The bamboo veneer can use door, furniture, cabinet, and wood flooring.

2, Bamboo veneer is Eco-friendly and close natural. Bamboo material from natural. Its oxic free and safe. Although during in production of bamboo veneer use some formaldehyde glue, but the the quantity is small At present, the Production technology have improved,  have can ensure the formaldehyde not influenced people health.

3, Lately, Bamboo veneer is one of the environmental protection materials promoted by the industry, use bamboo veneer replace wood veneer to retouch,can reduce many forest resource, the bamboo veneer will be became indoor decoration and furniture industry new New Direction

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