The Bamboo plywood is new material in construction. And its received more and more people favor. China is bamboo resource country, have the natural resource advantage, its good for bamboo development, so what advantages does the bamboo plywood use in construction?

Compare with other construction material, for example the stone, Brick, concrete and steel Nonrenewable resources. The bamboo plywood is excellent renewable resources material, in general need 3 to 5 years can become bamboo plywood.  Just Reasonable Felling, Planting and Sustainable use. With the bamboo industry development, Many fast-growing materials can also be used in building structures, its reduce the reproduce cycle.

In the traditional construction material manufacturing process, About 10 billion tons of mineral resources are consumed each year, meanwhile its also consume 15% resources in nation wide, Cause the serious resource shortage and environment Pollution.

The bamboo plywood as material, The energy consumption and pollution in the construction process are far less than those in the construction of brick, stone and concrete buildings. Its green material.

The bamboo plywood solid and toughness, even if have come up Deformation, also Will not fall.

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