“Low-carbon” has now become a topic of common concern in all walks of life. low carbon, environmental protection, and energy saving have become common keywords for furniture companies. bamboo furniture is catering to the trend of low-carbon era. it will also lead the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry.

“Low carbon furniture”use the environment protection material firstly.  the best is natural environmental protection material. wood, rattan and bamboo are the most natural environmental protection materials.  Especially for bamboo , it as been recommended by the UN environmental protection organization as a green living room material.

Low carbon furniture in produce craft process should do energy saving, reduce emissions, reduce harmful emissions. especially the content of formaldehyde can not exceed the standard. some inferior artificial synthetic MDF board, formaldehyde content is too high.  Using these material to make furniture , increase the emissions of harmful gases. It is very harmful for environment and human health. Meanwhile , during the furniture making process, how to improve the technical level, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions . it will be very important.

Some properties of materials can use artificial weaving methods. Produced the artistic furniture, at the same time there is no pollution, this is very suitable for low carbon requirements of the production process.

With the technology improvement , the gradual upgrading of various products produced from bamboo as raw material. bamboo has a widely using today.

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