Bamboo furniture now can not be the same as the old bamboo furniture.

Bamboo’s natural color, flexible, moisture-proof, high hardness.bamboo laminate countertops has achieved the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection, elegant elegance and comfort.

Bamboo laminate countertops has many advantages:

Bamboo moisture absorption endothermic performance than wood,Corrosion-resistant, not easy to wear, not easily deformed, more solid than wood.compressive flexural strength higher.can automatically adjust the humidity and moisture environment,low thermal conductivity, with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.many people do not know, bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light.If using the bamboo laminate countertops , the eyes are comfortable when living in the room.can prevent the occurrence and deterioration of myopia and other eye diseases.

Modern technology production of bamboo laminated countertop surface,there are carbonization horizontal, carbonization vertical, lateral pressure zebra pattern and other treatment.bamboo slats through a certain degree of hydrothermal carbonization,finished closed, can effectively prevent insects and mildew.

Bamboo laminated countertops are naturally hygienic and the perfect choice for creating a sustainable surface in kitchens.

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