Bamboo is superior in physical and mechanical properties ,durable,using widely. bamboo strength is higher than common wood, some bamboo species even exceed the strength of steel. the main physical properties of bamboo are as follows:

1.Tensile strength: 1000 – 4000 kg / cm; compressive strength: 250 – 1000 kg / cm; flexural strength: 700 – 3000 kg / cm; elastic modulus: 100000 – 300000 kg / cm.Bamboo material is rich in resources in our country, processing and utilization more convenient. bamboo has a success of afforestation, underground stems whip bamboo shoots, growing up a bamboo, selective cutting every year. Bamboo can sustainable use without compromising the ecological environment, It is an important part of China’s forest resources. known as China’s second forest resources reputation. the national bamboo forest area reaches 5.2 million hectares.

2.Durable, after properly processed , bamboo plate life can reach to 30 years. and bamboo species carefully selected, anti-corrosion treatment .the use of ancillary materials and periodic replacement of etc., which can increase the durability of the product.

3.Easy to process . the original bamboo and bamboo timber is a material that is easy to process. It can be freely cut, carved, or even bend and varnish or a variety of color paint.bamboo timber is not easy to splitting, compression tensile, waterproof moisture characteristics.

4.Environmental-friendly.bamboo can release 35% oxygen more than other plants,This plays an important role in purifying the air and stabilizing the earth’s atmosphere composition. bamboo timber is a kind green material, the glue content is lower than solid wood as well as the shape of the original bamboo slices was completely preserved.

5.Strong sustainability. bamboo has all the requirements for sustainable development. Bamboo can be grew up by 3 to 5 years, and it takes at least 25 years for wood. bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and bamboo has many benefits. bamboo alternative wood just around the corner,today, bamboo products made from bamboo have become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

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