Maintenance of bamboo flooring

1.Keep indoor ventilated and dry environment. regularly maintain indoor ventilation, not only make the floor of the chemical as volatile, discharged to the outdoors, but also make the indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. especially in the absence of long-term residence, and maintenance of the case, the indoor ventilation is more important.

The common practice is: often open the window or the door, then air convection, or using air conditioning system and air exchange system.

Then crating the dry and clean indoor environment.

2.Avoiding sun exposure and rain wet. Some house sunlight or rainwater can enter the interior of the room directly from the window. this will endanger the bamboo flooring. sunshine will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue, it will also cause the floor shrinkage and cracking. after the rain wetting, bamboo absorb water caused by deformation, seriouslycan also make the floor mildew. therefore, in daily life should pay special attention.

3.Avoid damaging the bamboo floor surface. Therefore, should avoid the impact of hard objects, sharp cutlery, metal friction and so on. Chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture should be careful when moving. In public places ,it should be covered with carpets in the main passage.

4.The floor should be regularly cleaned to keep clean and dry. when cleaning, firstly clean the dust and debris with a clean broom, and then wipe the cloth with a hand-wringing cloth. do not wash with water, nor with a wet cloth or mop to clean. If conditions permit,

You can also play a floor wax at intervals to enhance the protection of the floor. Painted surface if damaged, you can make up with ordinary varnish or the manufacturer to repair.

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