Do you know how to maintain bamboo furniture?

Bamboo as the low cost and fast growing renewable material was widely use for furniture, light, crafts etc. More and more people are willing to select bamboo furniture.

Well, the problem is coming

When the furniture have encounter Moth eaten

What to do ?

What to do??

What to do ???

            Hey, do not worry!!

              Please reading continue,

When you select the furniture,please carefully check the Tightness is uniform and whether the end of the bamboo slats looser. Observed whether the surface is the smooth, shiny,the color is evenly, and The gap between the bamboo is fine, isometric, with or without cracks, broken phenomenon.

Because the bamboo’s feature so the dry and ventilated are important. We should keep bamboo furniture place dry and ventilated not Humid, dark place, i will more easy to mold.

The first ways

We should clear the dirt the gap in furniture and use water to wash and dry.especially the less used furniture that we also keep the furniture dry. If you have the condition, when you buy bamboo furniture to home, you can varnish, cooked tung oil paint. This way both moth-proof, durable and beautiful, is a one-size-fits-all approach.

The second ways

When you found the bamboo furniture have mold already, one ways use Spicy pepper or pepper and mashed stuffed hole then pour into boiling water. This ways have Insecticidal effect and Prevent insects from spreading.

The third ways

The third ways is chemical methods. Mainly are pregnation, cooking, fumigation and pressure injection method etc.these ways advantage is moth and anti-corrosion effect is good and long time, the disadvantage is these pharmacy is toxic and not eco-friendly.

Above the three ways do you have learn?

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