Bamboo wood as an ideal replacement for wood . Advocating the concept of environmental protection and the development of low-carbon economy . Bamboo furniture is also pro-gazed by more and more people .

Bamboo furniture is a kind of sustainable development’s furniture . Bamboo furniture is use fast-growing bamboo and wood as raw materials . It is Inexhaustible and definitely sustainable materials . so bamboo furniture manufacturing industry has become a  industry of sustainable development .

Bamboo furniture is a  kind of green and healthy furniture . bamboo wood is green and eco-friendly and made from natural materials, it can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet, antistatic . so bamboo furniture is beneficial to human health.  Especially the bamboo salts after deep carbonization , the bamboo plywood can keep color and absorb harmful gas better .

Bamboo furniture is kind of durable furniture . the bamboo furniture usually through high-temperature steaming, high-pressure carbonized processing to take off a sugar thoroughly,control moisture level, and insecticidal sterilization . To ensure that bamboo furniture in preventing cracking, deformation, etc. exceed solid wood furniture .

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