Bamboo flooring as a new type of building decoration materials,It use high quality natural bamboo as raw material,after more than two dozen procedures,take off the bamboo puree juice,after high temperature and pressure compaction,then after many times paint. finally, infrared drying.

Bamboo flooring with its natural advantages and the molding after the many excellent properties to the building materials market brings a fresh green wind.

What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo will be processed into bamboo slats .after boiling or carbonized, drying, then use hot glue with adhesive, Then use the tenon, paint and other processes processed into the strip floor.

Bamboo flooring fresh and elegant style, it can produce simple and natural decorative effect. due to the low thermal conductivity of bamboo, so there are cool in summer and warm in winter .

What are the types of bamboo flooring? And its characteristics?

  • Bamboo flooring according to the using materials: Bamboo flooring, bamboo composite flooring .
  • according to the surface structure: horizational bamboo flooring, vertical bamboo flooring and strand bamboo flooring .
  • according to the surface color: natural bamboo flooring,  carbonized bamboo flooring, bleached bamboo flooring, colored bamboo flooring.
  • according to different purposes: ordinary bamboo flooring, geothermal bamboo flooring locks, functional bamboo flooring (such as public places bamboo flooring).
  • Bamboo flooring features: little color difference, Because the growth radius of bamboo is smaller than hardwood, affected by the sunshine is not serious, therefore, bamboo flooring have rich bamboo pattern, as well as the color well-proportioned, high hardness. Its natural hardness more than double the timber, and not easy to deform.

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